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A BrewDog ale fit for a finger
27/11/2009, 3:21 pm
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The livers of ale drinkers across the nation are preparing a mass strike tonight, as news of a mind-boggling new beer hits the airwaves.

At 32% ABV, Tactical Nuclear Penguin is probably the world’s strongest beer. And it’s a big statement from its creator, BrewDog, which is probably the world’s most provocative brewery.

BrewDog is certainly one of Scotland’s most adventurous breweries, and its high-profile tussle with responsible drinking lobbyists, the Portman Group, has given birth to a family of weird and wonderful ales. (Continued below).

Amorous penguins

Beer: getting penguins laid since 1924

In July, BrewDog infamously reported its own brand of beer, Tokyo — at 18.2% ABV, then officially the UK’s strongest pint — to the Portman Group for the irresponsible way it labelled its own bottle. Yes, very confusing. Co-founder of the brewery, James Watt, said on his blog: “Complaining about our own beer was intended to illustrate just what an elaborate and ridiculous waste of time The Portman Group really are”.

Many ale afficionados condemned this as a publicity stunt, and asked why BrewDog would shaft itself to make such a statement (Mark Dredge has a great take on his blog, Pencil and Spoon) . And the Portman Group has duly launched proceedings to ban the beer from sale in the UK.

BrewDog also makes Nanny State , a hoppy 1% ABV beer that would make a fine, responsible session ale if it wasn’t quite so harsh on the palate. The Silver Tankard detects more than a hint of irony.

So the latest offering, Tactical Nuclear Penguin, comes with a fair degree of badinage. According to the BBC, the 32% ABV ale will be sold at £30 per bottle and served in spirit measures.

A finger of beer indeed. And a finger to the establishment at that.