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A warm Wylam welcome
22/04/2008, 10:08 pm
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A few Saturdays ago, as snowflakes fell on the North East, wor lass, Gordy and I were cosied-up in front of a roaring fire at Wylam’s Boathouse Inn.

Tucked away in a sleepy corner of Northumberland, on the south banks of the River Tyne, the Boathouse Inn is the award winning brewery tap of the Wylam Brewery. We were there to take part in the Wylam Beer Festival, an orgy of real ales with 12 of the brewery’s finest tipples on offer.

Gordy and Dan at the Boathouse Inn, Wylam

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Bank Holiday ale fest
23/03/2008, 1:52 pm
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What better way to spend a bank holiday than guzzling quality ale in some of the Toon’s finest drinking establishments? It may have pissed it down for the best part of the day, but we weren’t too miffed…

Wor Lass accompanied me on a mission to visit as many pubs as possible, and sample some of the finest beer on offer. The rules were simple, one drink in each pub, North East ales only, and don’t order the same drink twice.

Now Wor Lass is a conscientious objector when it comes to drinking ale, but she was willing to offer her two-penneth on the beers on my list (which resulted in much condescending chuckling on my part).Me and Wor Lass (right)

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Hello fellow ale lovers!
19/03/2008, 12:23 am
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In a time when the staple beers of a city pub are lifeless draught lagers and keg bitters, it makes a bloke wonder how the inextricable bond between man and beer was ever formed.Pint of the good stuff

So funny how we aficionados of real ale seem to get fobbed off by lager twats lubbers as drinkers of piss and swamp juice…

Not that I’ve been a crusader for the real ale cause all my life though. I certainly had a mis-spent youth: guzzling pints of Fosters, and occasionally moving on to the JD and cokes when I was feeling flush. (The JD does still makes the odd appearance however.)

I probably didn’t discover the good stuff until I had a good few bristles on my chin. Maybe the palate must mature before a fine ale can be pleasurably quaffed? Hmmm……

So this blog is here to chronicle my quest through real ale culture. What is it? Where in the Toon can you get it best? Stay posted for an ale extravaganza…